Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prayers for Tuesday

A sweet little girl, Tuesday, from my Multiples group was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. I am asking that anyone reading this to say some extra prayers for her. Today she had surgery so she needs all of the support she can get. The photo below was taken last night and as you can see she is a beautiful and strong little girl.

A fund was created to help Tuesday and her family. It is called Tuesday's Fund and if you are interested in making a donation please click on the 'donate' button found beneath her photo on the sidebar.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friend Award

I got a sweet surprise from my friend Jenn! Thanks Jenn and of course Jane for starting this!! I am feeling honored as this is my first online award(actually only award!)!!

I was tagged with the "Which Friend are you?" quiz. Would you believe that I am Monica?? I know, total shocker.
Okay, so as Jenn has officially named this the Jane Award, I now award the following with a tag from me.....
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Moving and Homeless!!

Okay, we just can't seem to win. I am leaving this one up to God because things do have a strange way of working out but can you believe the house we were going to rent is sold?!?!?! Yep, our lease was in the mail and the realtor and owners accepted an offer for purchase. Now, I understand why they wanted to sell it but they really never should have decided to work with us. The realtor was pretty sneaky at the end took her time getting us the paperwork for sign. Now because of this, the other homes that fit our needs are gone! I swear I am going to explode. There is one house in that may come through but if it doesn't we have decided to put our hands up and rent an apartment. Heaven help us but we would be able to save a nice amount of money over the course of the year and buy a home while continuing to rent our house in MI.

I am at a loss for words and I am feeling pretty stressed about this. How do you fit an entire houseful of furniture into an apartment? I guess we will need a storage unit and I am already starting to miss my furniture that may not be seen for a year! Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself. The good news is that we will be closer to family and we will have plenty of friends to visit with to keep ourselves busy for the next year.

Have I mentioned that we are busy, busy, busy???

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We are Moving!!!!

I am happy to announce that we will be moving to Clifton Park, NY August 1st. As though we haven't been busy enough, I am getting quotes from movers, researching Montessori toddler programs (there is only one in the area), making Dr. appointments here to make sure we are up to date with everything, trying to schedule time with friends, traveling to Toronto for business and going to the Jersey shore for a week in July. Hmmm, how are we going to do all this?

Jon and I started to clean out all of the junk that we have accumulated along the way and I am happy to say we have done a very good job! I am pretty sure the garbage men weren't happy on Monday when they drove up and saw a mountain of junk awaiting them. At any rate we are leasing our home to a German couple. Ulrich, his wife and two sons will be moving here from Germany for two years for his company. The boys are four and seven and I am sure will love all of the kids in the area. I really hope his wife likes our house because he picked it out on his own and she will see it for the first time August 1st!

Tomorrow we have a playdate planned with Sheri, Elsie and Reid and Jon's parents will be here for the 4th of July weekend. I hope to get some pictures to share.

On another note, we ordered Anna and Max their big kid beds! Max's bunk bed arrived last week and Anna's bed will be here tomorrow. It is very exciting and so far Max really likes his bed. He is sleeping in bed at night (part of the night) and napping in his crib. Anna is sleeping in our bed for both naps (when she takes them) and at night. She refuses to sleep in her crib! So, we pray that come tomorrow night we will have our bed back and she will enjoy her new bed!